Sports Injury

Professional athletes are constantly reaching new heights in their professional careers. With each passing year, new records are shattered and the human body is pushed to its limits. Competitors train rigorously and take their diets to a new level every day. Yet despite the conscientious care and precautions that athletes follow, most experience musculoskeletal injuries at one time or another.

Cory Moore Chiropractic chiropractors provide specialized therapy to treat sports-related injuries including soft tissue injuries and muscle strain and sprain. Our licensed and experienced practitioners use a range methods within a chiropractic care treatment plan designed specifically for each client.

Chiropractors and Sports Injuries

Chiropractors are to athletes as cardiologists are to those who suffer from cardiovascular disease. Athletes who receive treatment from a medical doctor find themselves frequently benched and on the sidelines. Others play and then spend hours after the game icing their injuries and taking pain medication. This is because medical doctors do not treat the body as an integrated system, but rather treat each injury individually. Meanwhile, chiropractic treatment offers a balanced, holistic approach, by using spinal adjustments and physical therapy techniques to help the patient’s muscles, tendons, and ligaments return to their normal function.

Chiropractic care meticulously tends to the needs of the athlete because special attention is given to the spine, joints, muscles, tendons, and nerves. Additionally, chiropractic care ensures that all pieces of the musculoskeletal system are working harmoniously in their healthiest, most natural state.

Professional athletes recognize tremendous value in chiropractic care because they realize that it helps them maximize athletic performance. Whether you’re an athlete or weekend warrior, receiving chiropractic care will enable you to reach an optimum level of achievement without breaking yourself.

How Can a Chiropractor Help My Sports-Related Injury?

Cory Moore Chiropractic sport injury therapy includes an entire evaluation of all musculoskeletal issues to detect injury or imbalance in bones, muscles, and joints. Treatments are aimed at rehabilitation and also include education and assessment for injury prevention. Clients benefit from a wide range of chiropractic techniques designed specifically for athletes and highly active individuals that include advanced and expert rehabilitative care from a team of qualified professional practitioners.

Chiropractic Care for Athletes

Cory Moore Chiropractic provides qualified care and personalized chiropractic treatment for sports-related injuries that include:

  • Ice/Cold Therapy – Also known as Cryotherapy, is a non-surgical modality that relieves pain and swelling and is especially effective for athletic injury.
  • Heat Therapy – Dilates blood vessels to improve circulation and is often used in conjunction with other chiropractic treatments.
  • TENS – - Electrical stimulation using light and measured electrical currents that are sent to affected areas to reduce inflammation and muscle spasms.
  • Massage Therapy – Many complete chiropractic care plans include massage therapy to reduce recovery time from athletic injury. Cory Moore Chiropractic chiropractors work in conjunction with our registered massage therapists specializing in healing sport injuries.
  • Manual Traction/Spinal Traction – A widely used chiropractic treatment for muscle and skeletal pain to relieve disc problems associated with sports injuries.
  • Spinal Decompression Therapy – Advanced traction therapy that is focused on widening the spaces between vertebrae discs to induce repositioning and relieve pain.
  • Spinal Adjustment/Manipulation – Used to correct vertebral subluxations and realign dysfunctions in the vertebrae in the back.
  • Active Release Technique – Advanced soft tissue massage technique that treats athletic injury to the muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves.
  • Acupuncture – The ancient art and science of treating injury by stimulating specific points on the skin as approved and practiced by a licensed Cory Moore Chiropractic chiropractor.
  • Ultrasound – Chiropractic care that employs the therapeutic use of sound waves to deliver heat to reduce muscle pain and treat injured tissues.
  • Customized Exercise and Rehabilitative Therapies – Our team of sports injury specialists design tailored plans that include a range of therapeutic exercise techniques to strengthen and speed up healing time of athletic injuries.

What Can I Expect During a Chiropractic Therapy Session for Sports Injuries?

Cory Moore Chiropractic chiropractic care involves a complete evaluation and full diagnostic to create an integrated treatment plan that incorporates both orthopedic and physiological rehabilitation. Following a complete revision of your medical history and thorough physical examination, imaging and x-rays are used to develop a personalized therapy plan. Consultation and progress reports are shared with other health care providers as required and when necessary, including your family physician, massage therapists, physiotherapists exercise coaches, etc.

Although virtually all chiropractors are skilled at relieving pain and strain, Cory Moore Chiropractic offers chiropractic care that deals specifically with sports-related rehabilitation from injuries and specializes in treating athletes and restoring peak functioning.

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